Moving brings with it a myriad of challenges that makes people dread even the thought of it. Managing the removals, stressing about the storage issues, and packing your belongings in an organised manner make your fear the entire process and might even push you to cast aside or postpone your idea. However, there is an easy way to free yourself of the burden by hiring logistics freight services of a reputable and experienced company such as UCS Express Deliveries, which makes the moving process fast, easy, and stress-free.

UCS Express Deliveries, a professional European removals company, has addressed some of the most common inquiries about using removal company services for your possessions, whether you are moving overseas, changing tenancies, or need to store your valuables somewhere.

Do Removal Companies Do Storage Too?

Yes, most of the removal companies also offer storage. If you don’t have access to your new home immediately or want to take a small number of things, you can ask your logistics and freight forwarding company to store your items. It will help in planning and controlling your move with one company instead of opting for multiple companies, which increases confusion.

How Do They Store My Belongings?

Usually, the removal companies use containerised storage. All your goods are packed and loaded into containers roughly the size of a small garden. The storage container is made of high-end materials with the integration of a state-of-the-art security mechanism for the safety of your belongings. Either they directly load your items into a storage container or use a truck before they load them into the container back at their warehouse. You can ask your removals company about the process they employ to minimise the risk of handling. Once they reach the warehouse, the containers are removed from the vehicle using a forklift and stored in a purpose-built warehouse, stacked in numbered aisles for quick and effortless retrieval.

How Long Can I Store My Items With A Removal Company?

There is no pressure or commitment to the length of time when it comes to storage. Many removal companies charge for storage on a weekly or monthly basis so that the costs can be quite flexible. Whatever the terms and conditions, ask your removal company in the beginning before signing the contract.

Can I use storage for an International Move?

When moving overseas, for example, removals from Europe to Ireland, putting your items into storage may be an essential part of the move. It all comes down to where you are going and the logistics of your move. It might be that your removal company recommends a short period of storage for your belongings before they can ship your goods or before they deliver them to your new home.

If you are moving overseas on an assignment for a specific period, you might need to store your household items while you are away to get them ready once you return and go into a new property. When you move overseas, your goods are in a container at your home, and a detailed inventory is taken. The container is then transported back to the removal company’s warehouse, where it will be stored securely. Whatever your circumstances, your logistics freight services will tend to your needs accordingly.