Moving to a new place can be exhilarating because of new opportunities and a fresh start that you can enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that removals can’t be stressful. On the other hand, they are exciting and stressful simultaneously.

However, there is a way to take away the stress from the situation: hiring one of the best removal companies from Belgium and planning your complete removal with them.

We provide safe, effortless, straight home and commercial removals at UCS Express Deliveries. However, we suggest that you focus on some of the suggestions we’re about to give you to make the procedure of your removals to Europe simpler overall.

Five tips to help make your removals uncomplicated

Choose a trusted removal company

You don’t want to pack your stuff and carry it to a new destination, especially if you are moving across the country. That is why you need to choose a trusted removal company that will do all the tiring and tedious work for you so that you may settle into your new place quickly. UCS Express Deliveries is your best option when looking for removal and freight companies because we offer top-notch packing and delivery and ensure all your belongings are with the insurance company.


If you want to pack up your belongings, ensure that you have good-quality boxes, tape, and fillers. Always remember that over-packing can lead to a big mishap, so it’s better to have 20 boxes than to have only 10 with broken stuff.

Pack all your light-weight items in big boxes and pack all the heavy items at the bottom of the boxes with equal weight distribution. Additionally, tape your boxes generously by ensuring they don’t split while carrying. You can also contact one of the best removal companies in Belgium to help you with packing.

Clear the area

While packing, you can easily get carried away and lose boxes here and there. But, you should be extra careful to stack all the packed boxes in one place and empty boxes in another to keep the hall and pathways clear. Unnecessary clutter can lead you to lose your belonging (and add to your anxiety) and make your trip, causing serious injuries.

 Make a checklist

It’s official; checklists are a lifesaver. Start to make a list well before you start packing so that you don’t forget anything. This way, you won’t have to remember many things; whenever you remember something, you can always add it to the list.

While making a list, you can also separate the useless item to avoid extra weight and space.

The verdict

Moving to a new place is overwhelming, and if you don’t plan and execute the removals properly, these five tips can help you. However, we have one last piece of advice for you, probably the most useful. That is to go slowly and do everything calmly. Don’t rush the process of moving to a new place; enjoy your last days at your place while doing everything properly.