UCS - Ireland and Europe Distribution and Warehousing Network

UCS Express Deliveries in Ireland and Europe - unique combination of high touch service and personal approach in home deliveries sector in Ireland provides an array of exceptional and comprehensive benefits to your business, saving you time and money. We'll take care of it all, while presenting a customer experience that upholds and enhances your brand and provides the consumer of your products with an outstanding encounter - leaving a great last impression.

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UCS Express Deliveries Europe offers the following:

Unloading Vehicles and Containers to our Storage Facility.

Organizing a Professional Stock Control System for all Warehoused Items.

Short and Long Term Storage.

Order Picking, Packing and Furniture Assembly.

Handling into or from Warehouse to Third Parties.

Collections and Deliveries throughout Ireland and Europe including Household Removals to and from France, Belgium, Spain and the rest of EU.

Deliveries with One or Two Men Crews.

Unpacking, Assembly, Placing of Furniture/Appliances and Removal of Packing Materials on Customers' Premises.

Tail Lifts & Pallet Trucks Available on our Vehicles.

We're staffed by trained, professional two-men delivery teams who are sensitive to the needs of your consumers, ensuring that each and every home delivery is a positive, stress-free experience. Everything you need for distribution, warehousing, courier service and complete household removal within Ireland, Northern Ireland or EU!

Well being prepared and trained for the life after Brexit, our in-house Customs Agents will look after the Customs Clearance for all furniture and household goods shipped from UK or being exported to UK and ensure relevant documentation is in place for a smooth transit!!!

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